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Trees Reflection in the Water

"Emily is an empathetic listener who hears not only what I am saying but also what I’m not saying.  She clues into the unsurfaced, asking thoughtful questions that lead me to the answers.  Work with Emily.  I am confident the investment will lead to greater awareness and, ultimately, happiness."

- JH - Technology Executive, St. Paul, MN

Working with Emily has been a peak experience because I felt supremely supported and cared for throughout our work. There were also moments that I don't know what else to call but certified magic -- experiences that defied logic but also were spiritual and healing. These experiences and others with Emily, including bouts of uncontrollable and joyful laughter, have led me to some revelations that are improving my life.
- CH, Chapel Hill
JH, Writer and Communications Strategist, Chapel Hill, NC

"Emily has this uncanny ability to peer into the fog of a life and point out what really matters. She helps me to stay focused on the important stuff (my stated goals, remembering to experience joy) and to keep growing and moving forward. I’ve been able to make much more confident decisions with her support. And she does all this with seemingly bottomless reserves of patience, humor, curiosity and—oh yes!—optimism. She’s become an indispensable confidante, like the kind of friend everyone wishes they could have."

SM, Teacher, Asheville, N.C

"Working with Emily has been such a wonderful and life-changing experience. She is extremely intuitive and helps me look at things from a different perspective. Her sense of humor makes her warm and accessible. Emily creates a safe space for me to go deep and be very honest about my thoughts and feelings. She provides me with a nonjudgmental place where her genuine curiosity and positive regard empower me. After my sessions with Emily, I feel energized and ready to move forward! I truly look forward to our sessions."

RR - Executive Coach & Consultant, Seattle, WA

"Emily’s coaching has been very helpful to me over the past several months.  She has helped me take important steps forward and make the right decisions in my professional life.  During our sessions, I have found her to be highly engaged and supportive.  She asks thoughtful questions that enable me to see situations from a different perspective.  Thanks to her skillful coaching, I have become more comfortable with decisions and have achieved a new level of performance."

Image by Emilie CRƧƧRD
“You don't have to know where you're going to get exactly where you need to go.”

― Marilyn A. Hepburn
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